Husband and wife duo Richard and Lyuba Malone are the brains behind the beloved Tidal Boar Ginger Beer operation.  Tidal Boar Ginger Beer is a small batch handcrafted non-alcoholic beverage produced in St. Petersburg, Florida.  If you’re hip to the Tampa Bay market scene, you know their custom, six tap, fabricated kegerator cart is emblematic in these parts.

Like most of us local lovers, Tidal Boar enjoys vending at local markets as an opportunity to meet new people who are excited to try new things!  Their passion for brewing ginger beer culminated over their years traveling the globe.  According to Tidal Boar, they feel their products are “a reflection of the great qualities of our local community from the iconic Gulf beaches to the bustling urban core. We thrive from creativity and innovators around us in the form of emerging artists, world class microbreweries, spotlight architecture and entertainment, growing entrepreneurship, and global cultural influences.”

They started their business in 2015 after realizing many ginger beers are high in sugar with little fresh ginger.  Their focus is on “quality and freshness”.  Tidal Boar aims to use local ingredients when possible, partnering also with nearby Plant City farms for their Blueberry Habanero and Blueberry Jalapeño Ginger Beer.  Their mission is to provide a “premium quality, low sugar, non-alcoholic drink made with all-natural ingredients. We brew our ginger beer from scratch using fresh ginger root, citrus, berries, and spices.”

Where can you find Tidal Boar?  Their usual market hits include: Saturday Morning Market in St. Petersburg, St. Pete Indie Market, Tampa Indie Flea, Hyde Park Fresh Market, Seminole Heights Sunday Morning Market and Pierce Street Market.  They love each market individually because “they each have their own vibe and it’s always great meeting new customers and vendors”!  Their ginger beer is also sold at brick and mortar shops: Locale Market, Bandit Coffee Co., Jug & Bottle Dept., Old Southeast Market, Grassroots Kava House… and more!  You can also hire them (and their fancy cart) for weddings, corporate events, private parties, or pop-up events!

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Visit their website to shop, carry their products in your store or on tap in your restaurant, and hire them for your upcoming event!


Moscow Mule:

4oz Tidal Boar ginger beer (we can personally vouch for the pineapple flavor)

1 1/2oz vodka

1/6oz lime juice, or 1/2 lime squeezed fresh

Serve over ice in copper mug or highball glass

Garnish with lime wheel

Party like it’s 1969!

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