We at the Market Mafia are not above stalking vendors.  Now we don’t mean this in a dark, ominous sense.  We like to think of ourselves as admiring, faithful groupies.  We have used the hashtag #wewillfollowyou in our posts previously, and simply put…Kasemakers, #wewillfollowyou!  We will follow you where ever you may go, and if you know Kasemakers they are always on the go!!!

The Kasemakers handcraft one of a kind, show-stopping wooden phone cases.  They have original designs, cover any theme or sports team you can name and take custom orders!  The price is right and the quality is exceptionally high.  These wooden cases are works of art, serving a purpose.

Some vendors you connect with right away, and Kasemakers was one of those for the Market Mafia.  The care they devote to their craft is evident, their passion is contagious.  We felt a sense of fulfillment when Kasemakers reached out to us to tell us that as a result of www.marketmafia.com they were able to find new markets to vend at and increase their presence within our creative community, which is the very purpose of the Market Mafia!  Kasemakers represent and embody the #communityovercompetition attitude, wanting vendors and markets to grow one another throughout Tampa Bay.

Where can you find Kasemakers?  Is there a market in Tampa Bay that Kasemakers hasn’t shown up and shown out?  We’ve tracked them down at: St Pete Indie Market, Localtopia 2017, Tampa Indie Flea, Dunedin Downtown Market, Pierce Street Market, the Florida State Fair, Rosemary District Indie Market and more recently the Moonlight Market!  Kasemakers have taken over even the Indie Flea Gainesville and had displays in a Dunedin Verizon store!  Catch them April 8th from 11am-6pm at Patty and Friends in Historic Uptown St. Pete for the Sunshine City Souk!

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