Courtney Lauderdale is the imaginative, impeccably tasteful ladyboss behind Sunnyday Mercantile.  Since 2015, Lauderdale has been making the tedious task of gift giving look good, and easy!  Her mission is “to make every gift we send and every gift giving experience exceptional.”  We all want to give a beautifully packaged, perfectly picked gift to those we care about, but let’s be honest, we don’t all have the artistic eye (or patience) necessary to execute our ideas.  Fear no more, Sunnyday Mercantile is here to save us from ourselves and allow us to stand behind gifts that we feel proud to give!

Her brand, Sunnyday, is the result of a fine arts degree matched with a career in corporate retail as a visual merchandiser and buyer.  She has used her work experience to fine tune her own art of story telling through her creations.  Each aesthetically pleasing gift box has a theme, or story, to tell.  From her fixed collections with boxes that include “The Chef” or “The Bride” to her custom boxes, Lauderdale has the inventive touch, tools and tricks to create a memorable gift for anyone in your life.

Sunnyday Mercantile was born through word of mouth, in the spirit of giving and receiving the perfect gift.  Lauderdale was already gift giving in her now popular, unique style when friends (and then friends of friends) began requesting she make them comissioned boxes.  According to Courtney, “Sunnyday gift boxes are an extension of how I was gifting in my personal life.  Nothing beats the reaction of someone who is given something that makes them feel truly special, respected and loved.  I wanted to create a marketplace that gives people the chance to give and receive the perfect gift with ease.”

Sunnyday Mercantile can be found participating in our larger community festivals or markets, such as Localtopia and Et Cultura.  Lauderdale reflects, “Localtopia was my favorite because there was such an overwhelming sense of community and city pride both from the vendors and the attendees.  I love getting to interact with my customers and tell the story behind Sunnyday.  As an e-commerce based business sometimes it is hard to convey how special each of these boxes are to me, but when I’m at markets I am always so grateful to get to share more of the brand with our community.”  She partners with local businesses throughout Tampa Bay for the occasional pop-up shop.  Sunnyday gift boxes can also be purchased at the Visitor’s Center store in the St. Petersburg Chamber of Commerce.

While we at Market Mafia greatly admire the work of Lauderdale, she’s not above calling herself a “fan girl” when it comes to meeting other local vendors and makers who she respects and “Insta-stalks”, as she calls it.  According to Courtney, “If Sunnyday Mercantile has started following you on social media, chances are you are getting a big hug from me when I finally meet you in person.”  We are over the moon to celebrate our 1K Insta-following with a Market Mafia themed Sunnyday Mercantile gift box giveaway.  When we approached Courtney regarding a carefully curated Market Mafia theme, she took the time and effort to make our vision a reality.  She is proud of her craft, and rightfully so; we enjoyed collaborating to support such a talented member of #marketmafiatampabay!

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Visit her website to shop, request a custom order, view her upcoming events schedule, and swoon over her blog!

ANY DAY, ANYWHERE,  CAN BE SUNNY  #sunnydaymercantile

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