With a business name like Badass Baubles and Things, how could Market Mafia not fall in love? Lori Budnick is the incredible talent and badass boss lady behind this new local brand creating gorgeous wearable art.

A fairly recent transplant from the Big Apple, Lori moved down to Florida as a massage therapist. After arriving and seeing the market scene in Tampa Bay firsthand, she started thinking more creatively about a career path.  Learning her trade over many years, she started her journey with intro jewelry classes a long time ago. Then, like most everything else with modern technology, she watched plenty of YouTube videos and found a creative process that works for her. “A lot of just making stuff up and making it work” comes along with that – and we couldn’t love the outcome more!

Budnick’s jewelry is so dang fun. Boho-inspired bracelets, dainty necklaces complete with motivational messages or profanities (depending on your mood that day) and semi-precious stones of all kinds – it’s all amazing. And most is made from up-cycled materials. “I love the quirky community the market life supplies, and all the wonderful friends that have enriched my life!” One of Budnick’s market bests is Jake Majeski of Kasemakers. Badass Baubles and Things has a collection of jewelry utilizing wood scraps from Kasemakers that Lori treats and dyes. And the pieces are gorgeous!


Markets are Lori’s preferred method of retail. “The interaction is quality time well spent! It doesn’t feel like work.” You can check her out this week on Saturday at The Side Lot Summer Sale in St. Pete and Sunday you can catch her at Safety Harbor Market on Main.

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