Music. It’s the soundtrack of our lives. It’s medicine. It’s happiness. It’s one of our favorite attributes of any market scene. So it’s about flippin’ time we write about it! Nick Lush is our first Tampa area DJ we’re spotlighting and we couldn’t be more excited.

Nick Lush aka Lu5hy (pronounced Lushy) has been DJ-ing for about six years now professionally and currently has a residency at Brocante Vintage Market in St. Pete…which is where we first heard him spin. Lu5hy enjoys the local market scene because market-goers are “really open-minded” so he can experiment with different types of music.

Nick usually sets the vibe by starting out “mellow and tropical” then he “watches to see how everyone is interacting with the space” and determines a tempo change from there. So how did Nick get started with this passion? He “was one of those guys who burnt CDs for everyone in high school and college.”

According to Nick, he’s “always liked introducing people to new genres and opening their minds to new music.”


“There is something cool about going to a place full of random people you don’t really know and by the end of the night, having a bunch of new friends.”

Most requested song lately? Lu5hy said it has to be the Biebs remix of Despacito. Typically though, Lu5hy says he’s been playing mostly Tropical House. Nick says he plays “a variety of remixes from all kinds of artists, but has really been digging Sam Feldt lately and of course his homie Holyman.”


You can check out more of Lu5hy’s original work on Soundcloud. Also, jam out to Lu5hy’s mixes on Mixcloud – including all his Brocante market mixes from months past! Mark your calendars to #hitthemarket with us at Brocante November 4th and 5th; you may catch Nick live in action!  Stay up to date on his event schedule by following him on Facebook!

Market Mafia can’t wait to see what Lu5hy takes on next…possibly releasing new unpublished material in the near future! As Weezy F. Baby would say, “Go DJ, that’s my DJ!”market mafia

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