market mafiaMandalina is unlike any other vendor we’ve come across to date. They carry a line of light-weight, eco-textiles woven from 100% Turkish cotton. These products are softer than soft and absolutely beautiful. Most of their patterns have modern designs and are brightly colored. From towels to blankets, their items are versatile. They even carry kimonos now, combining style and comfort.

Lisa and Dave are the couple behind the brand and started their business back in 2014.  The two share a passion for world travel; Dave has lived in 10 different countries! They’re not only partners in crime (aka a successful business), but they celebrated 10 years of marriage earlier this year!

Says the duo, “We are passionate about textiles, contemporary design, travel, and eco living. Mandalina is the perfect combination of all of these!”

We first met Mandalina at Pierce Street Market in Clearwater (now Markets for Makers). They’ve been killing the market game from Sarasota to Lakeland ever since.  They’ve been a hit at The Night Market at Ferg’s Live, Haus Market, the new DTSP Night Market, Rosemary District Indie Market, as well as some well known music festivals (Bonnaroo mean anything to you?!).

Dave and Lisa say they are attracted to markets with “a fun crowd in a cool setting.” The twosomes personal favorite on the market scene is the St. Pete Indie Market.

“It’s like a street festival where you see all your friends! Its also right next to our faves Green Bench Brewing Company, Red Mesa Mercado, & Bodega.”

We were destined to be groupies of Mandalina, as we are equally obsessed with all of the same local hot spots.  In fact, we listed them in our #hitlist for our Coffee to Cocktails Summer Nights Exchange blog edition!  Mandalina may be local heroes in their own right on the market circuit, but they don’t hesitate to support other locally owned businesses and makers.

Besides their obvious talent at making Turkish goods disappear, both parts of this husband/wife duo have their own super powers. Lisa’s include home design, sogetsu ikebana flower arranging, connecting people with people, inspiring others to do their own thing, and making beautiful appetizers. Dave’s are dry high-brow humor, accounting, cooking amazing dinners, finding the very best beer off a very large menu, and eating Lisa’s beautiful appetizers.

Another secret weapon Mandalina has up their sleeve is their flair for giving back.  They give globally to Kiva and locally to The Kind Mouse.  Their latest partnership is pairing up with Purple Dot Yoga Project for an upcoming fundraiser.

Stay up to date on where you can catch Mandalina next by liking them on Facebook and following them on Instagram! You can shop Mandalina online anytime, or check them out in many local shops including: Marcotte’s in Largo, Growing Up St. Pete in St. Pete and coming soon you’ll be able to shop Mandalina at Armature Works in Tampa!

Do your holiday shopping with them at Shopapalooza, Atomic Holiday Bazaar and Et Cultura!  These events are returning to the Bay soon and are all on Mandalina’s growing lineup of events!

Yes please, and thank you!

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