I’m Tara, Co-Founder of Market Mafia. I’m a proud St. Petian, wife, mama, cat wrangler and local lover. By day I’m a Market Administrator with Markets for Makers; our organization hosts large scale ticketed markets in Tampa, Miami, Jacksonville, Nashville, Indianapolis, and even Chicago in 2019. I’m also a contributing writer for Green Bench Monthly where I pen a monthly column called Movers & Makers, focused on the creative community and handcraft scene in St. Petersburg, Florida.

If you can’t tell, I sort of have a thing for markets.

Photo by: Emily Canfield

Market Madness

There’s a laundry list of reasons why I love local markets. I’m amazed by the creativity of the makers and impressed by their hustle. I’m also a huge fan of street food, and the food and drink options at markets are typically top notch.

Get to know me a bit better by reading up on my old blog post, Market Feels with Tara. I dive deep into what moves me about the market scene.

My home is filled with market finds. We keep Mandalina blankets in our Jeep for beach stops and my daughter’s nursery for snuggling. So much in our home, from dressers to knick-knacks, has come from Brocante Vintage Market. They host a popping preview party that’s worth attending. My favorite market to hit up for lunch is the St. Pete Saturday Morning Market, where they have tons of ready to eat foods and I can usually snag a cup of Tidal Boar ginger beer.

Tips, Tricks, and my Personal Hit List

In my work as a Market Administrator I stress the importance of a vendor displays to makers. I love a vendor space that is its own experience. Scope out some fun vendor booth displays on our Pinterest board HERE.

What’s on my hit list when I hit the market?

  • food
  • jewelry
  • furniture

Photo by: Emily Canfield

Feel free to follow along with my personal shenanigans on Instagram. Expect a lot of proud mom moments, #sorrynotsorry.

Plan to hit a couple of my favorite markets: Fancy Flea and Riverside Arts Market!

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