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If you’re new to “the Family”, we write a recurring column called Movers & Makers for the St. Petersburg magazine Green Bench Monthly! We share small business news, upcoming market events and celebrate the maker movement! Our July article, Selling at Local Markets: Tricks of the Trade, covered vendor tips from some of our favorite St. Pete artisans! Check out the full article here, and catch some highlights from this crafty bunch along with some other great reminders from fellow makers around Tampa Bay!

1: Prep is Everything

Julie Angerosa, the talent behind the eco-chic jewelry at REJuled, stresses that success at an event begins before you arrive.

“It’s helpful to do a dry set up at your house,” she said. Pop your tent or table in your yard and lay everything out.

2: Try Everything, Twice

Amelia Dean handcrafts the plant based skincare and hand poured botanical candles at Bohemian Rêves. Her suggestion is to try everything, twice.

“It’s really hard to gauge with just one market,” she notes.

All factors have to be considered when reviewing how well your products did at an event, including what else was going on in that city on that day.

3: Persistence is Key

Julie Dye of the jewelry company Blossom and Shine suggests that if your application to vend at an event has been rejected, don’t take it personally.

“If there’s a dream market for you to get in to, don’t give up on it.” Julie did exactly that and as her business developed, her application improved along with her brand. “Keep trying.”

4: Stay Positive

Evan Neidich is the maker behind the “gifts and art that bring joy” known as Fox & Crow. She suggests you remember to make the most of each opportunity.

“Sometimes it’s about improving your work and sometimes it’s just a bad day. It doesn’t mean you didn’t make good moves for your business that day, or make a new friend.” You may discover a great collaborative opportunity with a fellow vendor, someone may email you days later with a commission project, “or some days the best thing that’s going to happen is you had a beautiful sunny day in Florida.”

5: Tent Weights, Tent Weights, Tent Weights

An overwhelming amount of vendors reiterated that you need to be prepared with tent weights wherever you go! Thanks for the reminder: My Pets Project, Gray Space and everyone else!

6: Promote the Event

It’s not 100% the event organizer’s responsibility to promote the market! Share with your following, invite friends and family, spread the love! Thanks InStitches813!

7: Pay Attention to Packaging

Professional packaging and branding sets you apart! It makes your products appear legit and improves your overall brand! Thanks FB “Family“!

8: Make it Easy for the Shopper

Chad Chastain of Lakeland Punk Rock Flea Market reminds makers to keep it easy for the shopper, don’t leave them to guess work.

“Have your booth easy to read. Price tags, signs, item names, storyboards all need to be visible.”

9: Interactive is Better

We are suckers for interactive products and booths. We’ve said from day 1 that your booth needs to be its own experience within the event! It will make you memorable and improve the odds for sales by getting more customers in your booth with their hands on your goods. Chad Chastain agrees!

“If you can get your product into their hands, they’re more likely to buy it.”

10: Better Safe than Sorry

Expect the unexpected and come prepared. Bring things you might need, or be a pal to a neighbor and have extra supplies readily available. You never know when you may need: tape, Phillips head screwdriver, battery operated fan, markers, zip ties, scissor! Thanks IG and FB Fam!

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